About Us

We are a team of energetic, focused and innovative people driven by passion to offer bespoke and outstanding customer service. We believe strongly in the slogan “The customer is king!”.

Our language is your; Business, investment and holidays. We offer a wide variety of options that meet your travel needs while guiding you into profitable and rewarding business undertakings. We have a flexible business model that is able to accommodate the diverse variety of needs for clients’ satisfaction.

Our Mission:

To provide a platform with solid technology/structure where clients needs are fully satisfied while maintaining a strong work ethic.

Our Vision: 

To be a unique brand that is identified with an avant-garde style of service delivery, exceptional professionalism and affordability.

Our Services
Vicroriasid Travels

Victoriasid Travels was founded with the aim of helping people fulfill their travel dreams and needs and providing bespoke travel services and thrilling adventure

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Victoriasid Business

Victoriasid business offers business strategy, Solutions and branding for scalable growth and visibility. We are dedicated to providing business consulting with focus on strategy, 

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Victoriasid Properties

Victoriasid Properties is dedicated to provide bespoke investment opportunities geared towards your unique needs, goals and priorities in real estate.

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Business Philosophy

We strive to offer solutions that ensure our Customer satisfaction always so

they can tell others.

We value our Employees and seek to help them achieve their full potential.

We seek Excellence in everything we do and embrace professionalism.

We do our best to support our communities and conduct ourselves as a

business entity that is corporately and socially responsible.

Company Values

Integrity and Ethical Behaviour

We do whatever we say we will do and conduct ourselves in the best light.

Relationship and Excellence

We put our customers in the heart of what we do. We want our customers to trust us for life and develop a lasting relationship that would bring about positive and memorable experiences

We continually strive for excellence and consistency in all that we do.

Creativity, Innovation and Flexibility

We are in a constant & relentless search for new innovations and by implication challange our team to find new and exciting ways to respond to clients's needs and the market we serve.


We coach team members to handle their roles and conduct themselves with the requisite skill set, competence, and character of highly trained professionals 


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